Friday, 20 April 2018

WS18.2: Carolyn Sullivan - Ideas Development in Collage

Carolyn Sullivan is an accomplished and award winning textile artist and tutor who lives in Bundanoon in the Southern Highlands of NSW. She is known for her embroidery and quilt making. Her work - often featuring natural dyeing and kantha stitch, is internationally acclaimed. She is inspired by nature and her surroundings.

In this workshop Carolyn will show you her process for developing both existing design themes and for generating new ones through ’play’.

Date: Saturday & Sunday 28 - 29 April 2018.

Registration: NOTE - we have ONE last minute vacancy - be sure to get in quick so you don't miss out!

Location: Epping Creative Centre, Dence Park, EPPING

Time: 9.30am - 4.30pm

Fees: ATASDA Members: $150
Non-Members: $200

Requirements: TBA

In this class Carolyn will show a number of collage techniques, help you make lots of small collages and talk about how collage can be adapted for your ideas and future art work. You will spend time working with art materials – paper, paint, pens, glue, stitch, thread, fabric to explore ideas and develop new designs.

"When I am playing at home I spend as much time working with art materials – paper, paint, pens, glue, stitch, thread, fabric – as I do actually making art quilts. While I don’t do the carefully detailed drawings that some do, I spend a lot of time making repetitive marks and doing collage. While generally I have a specific theme in mind, sometimes an idea will come out of “left field” just because I have been playing".

"In 2014 I did a “postcard collage a day” and have done many more since then. It gets my brain going each morning; I have a bundle of art accumulating that doesn’t take up too much space; and a great store of ideas for future art works".

"In this class I will show a number of collage techniques, help you make lots of small collages and talk about how collage can be adapted for your ideas and future art work".

Carolyn’s work can be seen on her website.

Workshop Code: 18.2

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Exhibition: Forever Now

You are invited to Forever Now - an exhibition of selected work from prize-winning textile artist and ATASDA member Barbara Schey.

Barbara Schey - Golden Shadows 
Selected from works created by Schey over the last 25 years, the pieces in Forever Now showcase this acclaimed artist's mastery of a diverse range of techniques, both within and beyond the Shibori genre.

Shibori is a Japanese word for wring or squeeze. It is used to describe techniques where a resist is used to leave a memory on cloth. One example of this technique is a glorious shawl, crafted from 7 metres of silk shantung and decorated with garnets, featured in the exhibition.

Some of the exhibition pieces have won prizes and others have been exhibited overseas including in China, Hong Kong, Japan, USA, Paris and the UK. A silver jacket won first prize at a prestigious craft show, a black shawl has traveled around Thailand, a red silk jacket reflects Schey's practical side as she raised four children on a mixed farm near Tamworth.

Barbara Schey - Silk shibori
"I was reared in the days when 'waste not, want not' and 'make do and mend' were popular mantras," she said. "I used my Shibori scraps to make soft flowers to decorate the detachable collar on the coat, which is constructed from handwoven silk from Laos."

Sheys' handwoven lacy jackets were inspired by her extensive travels in Thailand. Purchasing a small loom, she wove 150 - 185 squares for each jacket as she travelled. The jackets have been widely exhibited (and collected) in Japan and Australia. The smaller of the jackets on show was selected for The Lace For Fashion Exhibition at The Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.

Also represented in Forever Now is a paper kimono made for an exhibition at The Palm House Gallery in The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney. A triple-layered kimono has a layer made from lame, with metallic thread treated to form a geometric pattern. The next is eco-printed with Australian gum leaves and overdyed, and the top layer is silk organza, treated with Arashi Shibori technique to allow the lower layers to show through. The small 30cm square pieces were made in response to exhibitions where ease of transport (post) was required.

Congratulations to Barbara on what promises to be a feast of colour, technique and skilfully and lovingly made wearable and decorative textile pieces.

Barbara Schey - Golden Jacket
Forever Now will run at Timeless Textiles - 90 Hunter St, Newcastle from 11 April to 6 May 2018.
Opening night is Thursday 12 April from 6 - 8pm.

Timeless Textiles Gallery is open Wednesday - Saturday 10am - 4pm and Sunday 10am - 2pm.

For more information see:
Gallery Website

Exhibition: Stitched Up in Sydney

Timeless Textiles Gallery together with The Embroiderers' Guild NSW Inc present Stitched Up in Sydney.

Artist: Michelle McKinney Title: 'Hope'
The Stitched Up in Sydney exhibition showcases the work of 19 contemporary textile artists in response to the history of the Newcastle Industrial School and Reformatory for Girls. It brings to life the tragic stories of 193 girls sent to the school between 1867 and 1871, an era of poverty, hardship and discrimination.

The exhibition showcases the work of 19 contemporary textile artists in response to the history of the Newcastle Industrial School and Reformatory for Girls. It brings to life the tragic stories of 193 girls sent to the school between 1867 and 1871, an era of poverty, hardship and discrimination.

Girls under 16 were sent to the school when they were destitute, homeless, in the care of criminals or had been arrested for a crime. In a mandatory 12-month stay, they were taught basic literacy, along with stitching, and set to sewing clothing and household items as a cost recovery exercise.

Timeless Textiles Anne Kempton and Wilma Simmons co-curated the Stitched-Up exhibition partnership with Newcastle's Lock Up Contemporary Art Space last year. The contributing textile artists used materials reflecting the cloth and colours that would have been used by the girls to make functional items during their time at the school. Some of these items would have been used, re-used and recreated. They would have been held, sometimes for long periods of time, in both the girls' and the artists' hands during the making process.

Untethered Fibre Artists - Drawn Together Installation
Thirty women from Timeless Textiles Gallery's Wednesday Makers group stitched embroidered narratives of the girls' lives in a nine-month long project. They created seven volumes of cloth books, each page dedicated to one of the girls of a family of sisters. The stitchers used local historian Jane Ison's research to inspire their interpretations.

Stitched Up in Sydney offers opportunity to experience this fascinating part of Newcastle's history. Alongside locally based artists, internationally renowned fibre artists from Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Denmark and nationally across Australia contributed to the exhibition.

Stitched Up in Sydney can be seen at 76 Queen St Gallery - 76 Queen St, Concord West.
Opening night is Tuesday 27 March from 6 - 8pm.
Exhibition runs from 27 March to 26 May 2018

The gallery is open Monday - Friday 10am - 4.30pm, Sat/Sun 10am - 2pm. Closed public holidays.

A number of events have been planned to run in conjunction with the exhibition.
For more information see:
Embroiderer's Guild NSW Website

Monday, 16 April 2018

Exhibition: Diversion

You are invited to Diversion - an exhibition by members of Basketry NSW. A number of NSW ATASDA members have works in this exhibition.

Curated by Meri Peach the exhibition is a presentation of contemporary basketry and fibre sculpture works in response to the theme of diversion.

Diversion will run at Gallery Lane Cove - 164 Longueville Road, Lane Cove from 4 - 28 April 2018.
Opening night is Wednesday 4 April from 6 - 8pm.

Gallery Lane Cove is open Monday - Friday 10am - 4.30pm and Saturday 10am - 2.30pm.

Exhibition: I am of you

You are invited to "I am of you" ... Contemporary sculptural basketry with Catriona Pollard.

This exhibition by celebrated fibre artist Catriona Pollard, will leave you spellbound with it's ethereal beauty and harmonised rawness. Using foraged and discarded plant material and traditional basketry and assemblage techniques, Pollard presents nature in "a fresh new light, offering glimpses of shape shifting natural forms, from unnoticed branches, leaves and seedpods into shapes that move you; that celebrate the abundance of nature and our place in this universe".

'I am of you' runs 15 April to 3 June 2018.
Opening Sunday 15 April 2018 11am with guest speaker Natascha May, Chairman of Eastside Radio.
Gallery and Studios open daily 10am - 5pm.

For more information contact Sturt Gallery, Mittagong.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Exhibition: The Red Project

In celebration of International Women's Day, North Sydney Council invited 74 women artists to participate in a series of exhibitions to be held at six Council venues throughout the month of March. Both emerging and established artists have been showcased including artists from Primrose Paper Arts, Basketry NSW, the Iranian Women Visual Artist Collective, Bridget Kennedy Project Space, Coal Loader Artists Studio Programme and category winners of the North Sydney Art prize among others.

The artists have developed works in response to the colour 'red' as a colour associated with the earth, energy, strength, power, action, determination, passion, desire and love. Artists have responded to the curatorial theme with great imagination exploiting a range of media including installation, sculpture, new media, mixed media, printmaking, textiles, basketry, paper making and contemporary jewellery.

This significant cultural event provides a broad view of contemporary visual practice whilst celebrating women's resilience, creativity and ingenuity.

Venue 1: March 3-18
Underground Wonderland - Tunnel Chambers 1-24
The Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability
Open 10am - 5pm

Artist - Meri Peach
A curated group of 24 artists who have responded with inventiveness and insight to create an 'underground wonderland' which has transformed the chambers into a series of intriguing and interactive spaces.

Venue 2: March 3-18
Shades of Red - Coal Loader Platform
The Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability
Open 10am - 5pm

A collaborative site specific installation of 32 umbrellas by 23 artists from Basketry NSW. A variety of basketry styles, techniques, materials and fibres have powerfully interwoven the concept that women are resilient, string, passionate individuals who can provide and gain protection, courage and strength thorough togetherness.

Venue 3: March 3-18
The Red Tent - Coal Loader Artist Studio
The Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability
Open 10am - 5pm

A collaborative installation by 14 members from Primrose Paper Arts who have worked together to produce large handmade sheets of paper and unique objects for this extraordinary immersive experience. The concept was inspired by Anita Diamant's book 'The Red Tent' and celebrates important aspects of women's lives.

Venue 4: March 1-24
Sanguine - Bridget Kennedy Project Space
53 Ridge St, North Sydney
Wednesday to Saturday 11am - 5pm

Artist - Jenny Pollak
A group exhibition of new media, found objects and textiles by contemporary artists Anita Larkin, Jenny Pollak and Margarita Sampson, in response to the idea of the 'Sanguine'. Anchored in the body, their work is thoughtful, incisive and transcendent.

Red - its more than a colour - Bridget Kennedy Project Space
53 Ridge St, North Sydney
Wednesday to Saturday 11am - 5pm

Artist - Melinda Young
A group collection of red inspired jewellery by female Project Space artists.

Venue 5: March 1 - April 8
Anahita's Dream - inTransit Art Space
Council Chambers - 200 Miller St, North Sydney
Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

5 Artists from the Iranian Women Visual Artists Collective have developed work celebrating the ancient Persian Goddess Anahita. She is considered the patron of women, goddess of fertility, protector of the waters, animals and goddess of war. She represents life and death - the mother, lover, protector and destroyer. The exhibition coincides with the Persian New Year celebration. 

Venue 6: March 1 - April 15
Fluidity, Power, Strength - Inside Outside Sculpture Plinth
Civic Park, 200 Miller St, North Sydney
Open daily

A symbolic installation by Ridge Street Artist in Residence Bridget Kennedy referencing ideations of 'woman' using sterling silver, nickel silver, steel, threads, various found and donated beads.

For more information about The Red Project go to:

Exhibition: Helen in Wonderland and Inked Wings

This very special exhibition features the work of established textile artists Helen Lancaster and Irene Manion. Helen is an ATASDA Life Member and we are excited to promote her exhibition.

Artist: Helen Lancaster
Helen has curated and exhibited in several textile and painting exhibitions. After retiring from a career teaching and lecturing in art, she has had work published in important publications and also judged and opened exhibitions and lectured to societies and guilds.

Artist: Helen Lancaster - Coral forms
Helen is a conceptual environmentalist working as an artist in painting, sculpture and wearable art. Much of her work relates to the Great Barrier Reef where colour explodes in a combination of three-dimensional forms.

Helen in Wonderland and Inked Wings will run at Purple Noon Art and Sculpture Gallery - 606 Terrace Road, Freeman's Reach NSW from 24 February to 8 April 2018.

Purple Noon Gallery is open Wednesday to Friday 10am - 5pm and Weekends 11am - 4pm.

Artist: Irene Manion - Stitched magpie on perspex
Irene's work features ink paintings and stitched textiles of magpies. The works capture magpies and their young mostly in flight or attempting to catch insects. Her process combines her artwork, digital processing and textiles that are printed on satin fabric and perspex. The detail is amazing!

For more information see:
Gallery Website