Thursday, 20 April 2017

Exhibition, The Breath of Felt: Anita Larkin

Cradle; Anita Larkin
Your invited to two exhibitions at Timeless Textiles gallery

Anita Larkin: the Breath of Felt 

& Lumpy: Olivia Parsonage

Breathing new life into the ancient art of felting
10 May until 4 June 2017, opening 6-8pm on 11 May 2017
Accomplished artist Anita Larkin combines the ancient art of felting with contemporary found objects to create the evocative sculptures featured in ‘The Breath of Felt’ exhibition opening in May at Newcastle’s Timeless Textiles Gallery. 
Anita's work reveals a different purpose for felt beyond its ordinary domestic association. 
“Felt is a protective insulation material, for sound and warmth,” she said. “It is used in housing, in musical instruments and as industrial filters and abrasive pads. Felt also connects us all to our ancient nomadic past, like an eternal but momentary breath.”

Pivot; Anita Larkin
Contact: P 0408 483 913    E

Olivia Parsonage: Lumpy

Faces; Olivia Parsonage
Sharing the Timeless Textiles stage with Anita is Olivia Parsonage’s Lumpy exhibition. Olivia’s work reveals bold experimentation with fabric as it mixes colours, textures and patterns.
“I like to use embellishments such as buttons and embroidery and, increasingly, paint,” she said. “I love to work in both two and three dimensions, which is especially rewarding with fabric.”
Olivia gives shape and character to various patch-worked materials and objects, combining machine and hand-stitching and allowing change to occur as she creates. She has worked to create a dialogue between the Lumpy exhibition objects so that they stand alone and also work together as a group

Exhibition, Festival of Quilts

Look out for issue 161 (May/June 2017) of Be Creative with Workbox magazine that features an article about the upcoming a matter of time exhibition at the
Festival of Quilts in Birmingham 10-13 August 2017. Buy or subscribe to the magazine via the Be Creative with Workbox website.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Workshop, Vessel Construction 3 Ways

Rags to Riches - Vessel Construction 3 Ways - with Ilka White

Many textile and basketry techniques lend themselves to sculptural outcomes.

This hands-on workshop applies Spiral Braiding, Looping and Coiling to the making of small vessels from humble rags. Starting with the plying of string from cloth we will construct vessels a different way each day, exploring variations and covering the technical aspects of shaping as we go along.

Bring your own materials to recycle and discover what riches can come from rags!(Beginners and experienced participants equally welcome.)

Dates: May 6-7-8 (9.30 am – 4.30 pm)

Cost: $460 including a delicious morning tea and lunch

Venue: Timeless Textiles Gallery. 90 Hunter St, Newcastle East

Online Bookings:

Ilka White’s practice spans projects in textiles, sculpture & installation, art-in-community and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Her work often responds to the natural world, reflecting the principals of sustainability. An experienced teacher, Ilka's popular classes also reflect her love of the handmade and her contemporary use of traditional making methods. She is a great believer in the ability of beauty and creativity to lift the spirit.

For more info email
Braided pocket

Friday, 14 April 2017

Exhibition, Melting Point. Vanishing Point

The Shop Gallery blog
The Shop Gallery website

Sculpture, Blue Mountains, NSW

7 April - 7 May 2017

Welcome to the sixth year of Sculpture at Scenic World, Katoomba, NSW. Each year exhibiting artists continue to surprise and inspire us with their vision, transforming our rainforest into a stunning outdoor gallery for everyone to enjoy.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Call-Out, ATASDA members

Palm House Exhibition, 2018
hand-made greeting cards

During the Palm House exhibitions, ATASDA sells individual and packs of greeting cards that have been made specifically for sale at the exhibition by ATASDA members. In the past this has been a very popular part of the exhibition with very good sales.

This year, (in preparation for the 2018 exhibition), we are asking members for their ideas on designs for the cards. There are a few things that must be remembered when submitting suggestions:

the design must relate to the exhibition theme “The Space IN Between” and/or the Vivid festival the cards are 13.5cm by 13.5cm

the design must be such that members can make them easily at a card-making day – so think carefully about the materials and construction methods that you use

one of the designs could be for a lino print

We are looking forward to receiving your suggestions for designs for the cards.

The Palm House committee will consider all input to decide on the final designs of the cards which might be a combination of ideas, or might be altered for ease of making, or to fit in with other designs and the theme. This means that designs will not be attributed to an individual artist – they will be the ATASDA Palm House card design – but the input will be used exclusively for the exhibition cards.
If you have a good supply of a particular material that could be used in the cards eg a special fabric or paper or attachment, then please let us know about that as well.

All suggestions must be received by Saturday 3 June by

email (with the design as an attachment) to OR

bring to the ATASDA meeting on 3 June